Become a Partner

What is it for?

TTBI Credit has extensive expertise in Point of Sale Financing and has developed the only truly digital end-to-end lending processes which is easy and quick to follow both online and in store

Easy to Get

We offer the only end-to-end digital application process for your customers that allows them to submit their credit request online without having to send any paperwork or visit an office.

Time to Yes

We offer the fastest approval process on the market.

Higher Turnover

Providing financing options to your clients gives them the opportunity to buy more products and helps them meet all their needs.

Live ID


Perform KYC (know your customer) on live video call entirely online – without any paperwork or visit to the office.

Fast Approval

3 steps & a few personal details. The path is predictable and easy to follow from screen to screen. At every step, the customer is guided seamlessly through the process and can finalize their purchase.

High Approval Rate

Following a relaxed underwriting policy and accepting all types of income gives us one of the highest approval rates on the market.

Targeted Marketing

We offer tailor-made financial products for each industry and partner, designed to cater to the needs of every customer.

Simple Integration


Dedicated support team for API integration.

How does the service increase sales?

You can significantly increase your monthly sales by adding
our financial services to your offering

Before connecting

With your current payment methods your customers are limited to paying upfront for all the products and services they want.

After connecting

We will help you in promoting the pay-by-credit solution and you will see your monthly sales increase by 10% to 60%.

How does it work?

Our friendly applications are connected with ANAF and Credit Bureau systems so you and your customers will immediately know whether the purchase is eligible for financing

You Create a credit application

Collect customer identification information and send this data to us

We Make a credit decision

You will receive the resolution immediately by our automated engines

Customer Sign a credit contract with us

The customer signs the contract & leaves the store with the requested product

We Make a payout to you

TBI completes the payment of your goods within 3 days

Customer Apply for a credit

Fill in your identification data and send the information to us

We Make a credit decision

You will receive the resolution online immediately by our automated engines

Customer Identification, signing credit contract and ANAF

Enters the online video identification and signs credit contract and ANAF consent online

We Make a payout to you

TBI completes the payment of your goods within 3 days

How to connect?

You can become our partner with a few easy steps. Please follow the steps below.

Enter the minimum required info about you & send the request

TBI will grant you access to our platform

Track your status and sign your contact after approval

Technical implementation for online shops

API Integration

API Integration

Provides the deepest level of integration. The API is accessible through live and testing environment. High level of security based on API credentials, as a part of the encrypted request. More fluid information delivery and integrated user experience Seamless data connectivity


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