In-store Credit

When you find the product you desired and don’t want to wait a second longer, the Product Loan is there to help you get it immediately!
Now you want something, the next thing something else... you think about buying something nice for your children or your parents, but also the renovation of your house can not wait any longer. You don't have to choose, be bold and buy goods in installments.

In-store Credit Benefits

Fast approval 
Minimum documentation required 

Disability retired persons can access a financing solution
Applicant's maximum age at the end of the credit agreement - 75 years

The analysis fee is not charged in advanced and it does not affect the amount received by the client (it is included in the installments) 

More than 1000 partner shops;
Any products from any merchant can be financed if the client brings a proforma invoice for it.

The maximum value of the credit that can be granted is the equivalent in RON of EUR 5.000.

Tenor up to
maximum 60 months

Financing conditions and necessary documents

Financing conditions:

  • Seniority at current job: 3 months uninterrupted
  • Applicants' age: from 18 years to 75 years (maximum age of the applicant at the end of the credit agreement)
  • Minimum monthly wage accepted: general minimum wage  minimum accepted pension: 520 lei


Necessary documents*:

  • Copy of the ID
  • ANAF approval/ last pension coupon in original
  • Personal loan application
  • Agreement to process personal data

* In special circumstances, TBI Credit reserves the right to request other documents than those specified above.

Representative example: For a loan granted for goods acquisition amounting to RON 3500, repaid in 24 months, the annual interest rate is 34.8% (fixed for the entire duration of the contract), the analysis fee of the file (financed by the creditor) is RON 170, the monthly rate is RON 214.38, the total amount payable is RON 5.145.03 and the annual effective interest (DAE) is 48.38%.

Repayment Methods

TBI Credit offers you multiple possibilities of payment available for the loan installments! For any of the methods of payment listed below it is necessary to have the following information: PIN (Personal Identification Number), the contract number and the amount to be paid.

1. At PayPoint terminals which are present in almost any commercially significant point. The payment through PayPoint terminals will be made by scanning the barcode from a statement of account and by introducing the minimum amount due.

2. At SelfPay terminals
The payment made through SelfPay terminals becomes more convenient, these being present in almost any commercially significant point.
The payment at any SelfPay terminal will be made by scanning the barcode from the payment document (e.g. contract or statement of account), or by entering the number of the Agreement, the PIN (Personal Identification Number) of the holder of the Agreement and the amount due.

3. By inter or intra bank transfer (with a minimum of 3 working days before the due date): convenient, safely and quickly. Use the electronic payment services (such as internet banking), or complete a payment order. 

The accounts available for bank transfers are the following ones:

Banca Transilvania: RO56BTRL0450160100702145
Raiffeisen Bank: RO72RZBR0000060016450006
TBI Bank EAD Sofia – Sucursala Bucuresti: RO24TBIB9311001900005202 
CEC Bank: RO60CECEB20044RON3223291 
BCR: RO96RNCB0072049681080002

4. By cash withdrawal (with a minimum of 3 working days before the due date): simple and convenient. It is not necessary to have a current account, access to the internet or internet banking.

The accounts available for cash deposits are the following ones:

Raiffeisen Bank: RO62RZBR0000060003865697
CEC Bank: RO60CECEB20044RON3223291
TBI Bank EAD Sofia – Bucharest Branch: RO24TBIB9311001900005202
BCR: RO96RNCB0072049681080002


Customer Service
021 259 86 00 

Working hours
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Saturday - Sunday
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