Online Product Loans

You are walking in the park, lay down on a bank and, while you are gazing upon the sky, you realize you want to buy a new smartphone. Or maybe you are home, relaxing and you want to have a glass of cold water. You could have a water dispenser refrigerator. 
No matter where you are, outside or at home, apply for the fastest and easy to pay financing method offered by TBI Credit!


Interest rate

Representative example: For a loan granted for goods acquisition amounting to RON 5000, for a total period of 60 months, the analysis fee of the credit file (financed by the creditor) is RON 170 , the monthly interest rate is 34.8% and fixed for the entire duration of the contract, the monthly rate is RON 182.82, the total payable amount of RON 10.969,41, DAE 43.50% 


Easy to get

  • 100% digital process
  • 24/7 available  
  • Without any physical documentation needed
  • We have imagined a large range of financial products together with our partners in order for you to have the choice in your hands

Fast approval 

  • The fastest approval process on the market. It takes only 10/15 minutes to purchase your product.
  • Only three steps, some personal details and an intuitive, easy-to-follow interface.
  • Live chat in case you need guidance to finish shopping.

State of the art financing technology

  • The technology developed by TBI Credit allows video identification of the client
  • Documentation is signed electronically
  • Live ANAF and Credit Bureau checking

Financial products to fit your needs

  • There is 0 costs for the first 30 days in order for you to see the benefits of our products 
  • We offer a flexible installments plan thus you can choose the number of installments you want
  • We permanently develop 0% interest rate campaigns for you to purchase immediately the desired products

How to apply in 4 easy steps

Fill in the identification data

Go live with a TBI Credit representative for identification purposes

Find out if you fulfill the eligibility conditions

Sign the credit contract 

Enjoy the products you wish, everything it's easier in installments!


Partner Merchants

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    I. Continue to shop online from our 150 partner e-shops
    From the remaining credit limit, continue to buy in installments from our partner e-shops without any trips to the bank, the fastest and the simplest way possible:

    • Access one of our online partner stores
    • Fill your shopping cart with the desired products
    • Choose TBI Credit as your payment method
    • Just let yourself be guided by the online crediting process.

    II. You can shop online or use the card at any POS, anywhere in the world.
    III. You can withdraw cash from ATMs or from bank counters in the country and abroad.
    IV. 0% interest during the grace period up to 50 days for any payment in the the country or abroad.

    Following the approval of your credit for which you have applied online, you receive a card issued under the MasterCard logo in 10 working days.
    You receive the card at your mailing address.

    • Make the first transaction on ATM (cash withdrawal machine)* by correctly introducing you PIN code and your card will automatically become active, or
    • You can ask for your card activation by calling the Customer Service at 021 202 69 99

    *The first transaction on ATM can be a simple balance inquiry.

    Quickly and simply, at any SelfPay (former ZebraPay) or PayPoint collection point, by scanning the barcode printed on your account statement at the top left and typing your payment amount. Pay Point locations here
    At the SelfPay collection points (formerly ZebraPay) by entering the CNP, the contract number and the amount of the payment. SelfPay Payment Stations and the list of all services you can access are available here
    By cash or bank transfer (at least 3 business days before the due date) into one of TBI Credit accounts as follows: 


    Raiffeisen Bank: RO62RZBR0000060003865697
    CEC Bank: RO60CECEB20044RON3223291
    TBI Bank: RO24TBIB9311001900005202
    BCR: RO96RNCB0072049681080002


    Banca Transilvania (contract – linie de credit): RO37BTRL0450160100703845
    Raiffeisen Bank: RO72RZBR0000060016450006
    TBI Bank EAD Sofia – Sucursala Bucuresti: RO24TBIB9311001900005202 
    CEC Bank: RO60CECEB20044RON3223291
    BCR: RO96RNCB0072049681080002

    Use Pago Application! Learn more here.

    For your card specifically

    For any information about your card or if you want to declare it as lost / stolen, please contact Customer Care at the phone number 021 202 69 99, available 24/7.

    General information

    For any other information (card functionalities, receiving Card and PIN, your monthly statement), call

    Customer Service at 021 529 86 00
    or send an email at 
    Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:00

    Suma de plata trebuie achitata pana la data scadenta comunicata prin intermediul extrasului de cont. Acesta se emite lunar si se va transmite la adresa de e-mail pe care ne-ai oferit-o. Primul extras va contine pe langa prima rata si comisionul de administrare lunara a creditului.

    Personal data can be updated by completing a special form at one of the TBI Credit work points.

    Within 14 calendar days since the credit approval, you have the option to withdraw from the contract. To do this, please reach the merchant you purchased from!
    Further you will be contacted to complete the cancellation process.

    A copy of your contract has been sent via email to the address provided in your credit application.
    We keep a copy of your contract, if you do not find it in your inbox call us at 021 529 86 00 and we'll send it to you.


    Customer Service
    021 259 86 00 

    Working hours
    Monday - Friday
    | 09:00 - 18:00

    Saturday - Sunday
    | Closed


    Head office

    Bucharest, Romania,
    8-12, Putul lui Zamfir Str.